uTrack24 sync successfully demonstrated at Musikmesse Franfurt 2016

Cymatic Audio did demonstrate a new firmware update for the uTrack24, allowing synchronization of up to four units and providing up to 96 channels of simultaneous recording or playback.
This firmware update, which is expected to be released around early May 2016, will utilize a brand new approach to synchronization, based on the concept of synchronization groups, to which units can be added or taken out.
This approach allows for flexible allocation of connected units, depending on the requirements of the job at hand.


  • up to 96 channels of recording or playback at 44.1kHz/48kHz.
  • up to 32 channels at 96kHz.
  • redundant setups like 2 x 24 tracks, 2 x 48 or even 4 x 24 tracks.

See videos from Musikmesse 2016 and visit our Cymatic Audio Youtube Channel


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