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    Fred Pellegrini
    Fred Pellegrini

    While doing 1 hour performance recordings (each band got a one hour set) we encountered the following issue: If we had left uTool running in the background between extraction process with uTool, instances occurred where the uTool did not ‘see’ the full length /data size of the .wav files. It happened on both Mac and Windows machines with latest OS’s. We are guessing this is a JUCE file enumeration synchronicity issue, but are unable to test this theory.
    The issue has not happened if we close/reopen the uTool software between each extraction session.
    Also, we tested it with 2 different types of USB drives (manufacturer and RPM speeds) and that made no difference.
    We have updated our uTrack 24’s with latest firmware and are running latest update of uTool software. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

    Laszlo .


    Do I understand correctly your workflow?:
    1) open uTool and import some data from USB drive
    2) minimize uTool
    3) remove the USB drive from the computer, plug it in the uTrack, record…
    4) unplug the USB drive from the uTrack and plug it in the computer while uTool is still minimized
    5) maximuze uTool -> the USB drive content is probably not updated on screen.

    Fred Pellegrini
    Fred Pellegrini

    1) Plug in USB drive with 2 Full 1- hour recordings (2 sets, each an hour), showing on USB as 2 Playlists.
    2) Open uTool and import .wav files for Show A. These show up fine and normal.
    3) While uTool is still open, go to Show B, and these files show up (as condensed track format files) as incorrect data size and if we try to run the extraction process the result is incomplete files.

    If we close the uTool between import sessions it seems to work fine. It only happens with multiple shows on one USB drive.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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