Established in 2013, we’ve quickly been noticed for our task-specific interfaces, making our solutions so much less complicated than most high-tech electronics.

Our aim is to cut to the chase, simplifying the process and reducing the learning curve, while providing professionals with the necessary tools to produce high-quality work.

Launched by a team of seasoned industry veterans, Cymatic Audio proves that less is often more. Swiss engineering ensures the outstanding quality of products designed to deliver exceptional ease-of-use, forward thinking compatibility and connectivity. Simple and careful engineering also means that Cymatic products sell our products at reasonable prices.

In 2016, Cymatic Audio became pioneers in the domain of networked audio, releasing products with AUDIOLAN (by Archwave) and promoting the adaption of AES67 open standard.

In February 2018, Cymatic Technologies was acquired by RIEDEL Communications. RIEDEL has a long history in mission-critical intercom and audio applications. In this context, the combination of experiences, technologies and resources from the RIEDEL Group and Cymatic Technologies therefore came as a natural fit. Backed by the well-known, privately-owned and financially solid RIEDEL Communications, Cymatic Audio will continue as an independent business-unit within the RIEDEL Group and continue to serve its dealers, distributors and users world-wide with the same passion for excellence as it has been over the past years.

Cymatic Audio is also a partner of the RAVENNA community.