Cable Sets uTrack24

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uTrack24 DB25 cable sets:

The uTrack24 uses DB25 connectors and requires a DB25 to XLR or TRS cable according to the TASCAM-wiring standard to connect to line level direct outputs of a mixer or device.

Cymatic Audio provides affordable uTrack24 cable sets, containing all you need to comfortably connect your uTrack24 to either XLR or TRS equipment.

Sets contain 6 cables with a length of 2 Meter (6.56 ft), each providing an 8 Channel loom for interfacing with these devices.


  • 6 x professional DB25 cable according to TASCAM pinout standard
  • Length 2 Meter (6.56 ft)
  • Available versions:
    • uTrack cable set DB25to8XLR-2M (3 x DB25 to XLR male + 3 x DB25 to XLR female)
    • uTrack cable set DB25to8TRS-2M (6 x DB25 to TRS (stereo jack))

A detailed description of the TASCAM pin connection can be downloaded HERE