Natively supporting RAVENNA as well as the new AES67 standard, the AUDIOLAN option card lets you integrate the uTrack24 seamlessly into RAVENNA environments as well as any other AES67 compliant network like for instance DANTE, QLAN, AXIA LiveWire.

Feed up to 24 channels from the audio network into your uTrack24 when in recording mode or when in playback mode all 24 track outputs are available on any network destination. All with a single off the shelf RJ45 network cable!

  • 24-channel interface for AES67 and Ravenna audio networking
  • Up to 24 input channels for recording
  • Up to 24 output channels for playback
  • Supports 44.1 … 96 kHz sampling rates
  • Remote controllable
  • Connects to AES67 compatible networks like for instance Dante, AXIA LiveWire (may require latest AES67 firmware on the network nodes)

AudioLAN is the combination of AES67/Ravenna audio network streaming and CopperLan MIDI/Command + Control streaming over standard network configurations using traditional Cat5 cable and routers/switchers. Up until now, existing audio network protocols have required expensive infrastructure with proprietary routers and switches as well as advanced skill sets to properly configure networks, making them often times volatile and difficult to use for end users as well as extremely expensive.

AudioLAN fixes all of these issues with self-finding (auto IP address creation) and self-healing (hot swappable cables) protocols and off the shelf hardware components, all delivered at affordable price levels.

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