punQtum B.V. announced today the cooperation with CYMATIC AUDIO in the fields of logistics, service and procurement.

Arie van den Broek, who is the founder of both companies, emphasized the service character of the agreement. “When it comes to back-office operations, it made sense to join forces to avoid unnecessary costs. However, this arrangement will not affect the distribution channels of either company. punQtum remains a strictly businessto-business direct sales operation, whereas Cymatic Audio products will remain available through our valued dealers and distribution partners in the market.”

punQtum was established in 2019, focusing on professional tools for the live event and professional audio industry. With a strong roots and a firm commitment to the Pro Audio community, punQtum has set out to develop tools that are based on open technology standards and designed to make a difference. “We listened carefully to the discussions within the community and came back with the impression that proper communication tools are one of the missing pieces.”

Consequently the first products developed by punQtum are tools for digital intercom systems based on network technology. “Using network technology makes total sense,” Arie says. “Ethernet is available in many places already, and we designed our beltpacks and speaker stations to be plug-and-play and as easy as analog.” That said, digital technology offers several more advantages, particularly the chance to grow with the needs of the users. The first products of the new company were shipped earlier this month.