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LP-16 on tour with Bonnie Tyler

Cymatic Audio artists Matt Prior (@mattpgtr) and Ben Stone (@mrbenjaminstone) using the LP-16 on a recent Bonnie Tyler show at Treungen Festival in Norway. Matt had this to say about the LP-16 - " In 2016 I bought an LP-16 to use live with Bonnie Tyler....

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Yanya Boston – Drummer

I’ve just completed a 20 date arena tour with JOY supporting Demi Lovato around all of UK and Europe. I just wanted to give a shout out to the team and products of Cymatic Audio. In the pop world, its fairly essential to be running multitrack playback to match the...

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Frog Leap

Cymatic Audio Live Player LP-16 used by Frog Leap. "This is really cool you can just put your backing tracks in here and then route it out!"

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"Mit dem uTrack24 starten wir Backingtracks über die iPad App. Durch die Multitrackfunktion hat unser Mischer die Möglichkeit Instrumentengruppen getrennt voneinander zu bearbeiten und in den Mix einzubetten…“ Nicolai Ditsch – Schlagzeuger  ...

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