Noise, cracks and peaks with 44.1KHz "rectangels"

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    As there are some topics about the noise and crackles, i will start a new thread, as my problem doesnt belong to the 44/48KHz.
    I recorded a few months without a problem until lat Sunday.
    Until Sunday i recorded standart bands, like drums, bass guitars and vox.
    Everything was fine and there was no Audio artefacts.

    On last sunday i had an orchester with 15 people and the wav files are all noisy/distorting. When i look at the zoomed audio files, i can see a lot of rectangels in the waveform, that doesnt belong to the waveform.
    There are also extremly high rectangle peaks on all tracks. Even on that tracks, that are not connected.

    I am recording on an Sandisk extreme Flash drive, which was working without issues all the months before.

    Ok, when i look at the difference between my concerts:
    The only difference between my bands and the orchestra is, that the orchestra used a lot of AER Amps with XLR Di Out. That means, that i had minimum 5 or 6 XLR Cables, coming from devices with connected ground. I know, the Utrack is only writing to the drive, and the X32 is converting analog > digital. But sometimes there is no logical explanation on troobleshooting in digital devices…

    Here you can see the artefacts in the waveforms. I think this is the same “Noise”, that most user “hear” in there recordings…

    Recorded with 44.1KHz


    I forgot one imported thing.
    On my X32 Rack the 16 Mic Inputs are routed to local 1-16.
    The 6 Aux Inputs are routed to 17-22.

    – There is “NO” noise and “NO” peaks on the Aux Inputs.
    – Channel 25-32 are routed to non existing local 25-32.
    There is absolutly NO noise on the tracks 25-32 (even no noise on full zomm in).


    And also one important thing:

    The log file tells me, that everything was ok. No issue with the drive.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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