Cymatic Audio uTrack24 with Donavan Hepburn – Drummer for Jeff Lynns’ ELO

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Cymatic Audio leads the way in audio recording and playback for live performance. We have rock solid hardware, easy-to use-software, and interfaces and options to ensure compatibility with the rest of your audio system – analogue, digital or networked.

Our task-specific audio interfaces are designed to facilitate life in a complex, hi-tech environment, reducing the learning curve and offering professionals the tools they need for guaranteed success in getting their job done, day after day, night after night…

Born from a team of seasoned industry veterans who understand that simplicity is the key, Cymatic Audio creates products that deliver unparalleled ease of use, excellent quality, forward thinking compatibility and connectivity…all at affordable prices


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Cymatic Audio introduces uRemote for uTrack24

Cymatic Audio introduces uRemote for uTrack24

Now you can fully control and monitor all operations on the uTrack 24 right from the palm of your hand, be it the large transport buttons, easy to use monitor mixer or a highly accurate meter bar. The release version will also include file browsing capabilities...