Now you can fully control and monitor all operations on the uTrack 24 right from the palm of your hand, be it the large transport buttons, easy to use monitor mixer or a highly accurate meter bar. The release version will also include file browsing capabilities to easily navigate through the content on the storage connected to your uTrack24. The uRemote-App will be available for iOS or Android tablet, as well as your OS X or Windows Computer.

Simply connect your uTrack 24 unit to the network port of a standard wireless router, than connect your phone, tablet, or laptop/desktop machine to the same network. Setup is quick and easy.

Our dedicated home screen allows for large, easy to read display of all parameters of the currently loaded session. View all project settings, time counters, and metering data at a glance.

Go beyond the front panel LCD of the uTrack 24 hardware and view/control ALL aspects of your machine on a large, comfortable color display

uRemote App allows you to physically place the hardware anywhere while still having full control and visual monitoring of all operations. Perfect for recording or playback at small clubs and theaters where space is at a premium

Our dedicated metering page allows you to monitor the input levels of all 24 channels, simultaneously, using large, multi-segment meters. It’s like having a dedicated outboard meter bridge for your recorder, using the phone/tablet/computer you already own.

Our dedicated DSP monitor mixer page makes adjustments of the internal DSP monitor mixer quick and easy. Using a conventional analog mixer user interface, you can quickly adjust level, panning, mute, and solo for all 24 channels, all on the same screen. Full input metering is available on the mixer page as well, displayed inline with each channel fader.

Navigate to anywhere in your song in a flash using our full-width seek bar. Simply grab the playhead and move it to any time location you wish to instantly skip to.


  • Controls all front panel functions of the uTrack 24, including full transport control, adjustment of the internal 24-channel DSP mixer, and all menu settings
  • Operate all aspects of your uTrack 24 comfortably from your mobile device, allowing you to place your uTrack in locations dictated by space restrictions. Perfect for recording at small clubs!
  • Runs on OS X and Windows, as well as iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Multi-screen interface offers separate “pages” for each group of uTrack 24 functions
  • Full size “home” screen” allows viewing of most essential recorder parameters on a large, easy to use color display
  • Large, comfortable seek bar allows quick single finger navigation to anywhere in your song, instantly
  • Dedicated metering page allows you to view all 24 input levels simultaneously, with large, easy to read multi-segment meters
  • DSP Monitor Mixer page allows adjustment of monitor level, panning, mute and solo of all 24 channels using an intuitive, graphical mixer interface
  • Adjust each and every uTrack 24 settings menu with a dedicated menu page
  • Navigate attached disks and load new files quickly and easily with the dedicated file screen
  • Transport controls and essential recorder parameters always visible, from all screens, with our always present “info bar”.
  • Screen layouts individually optimized for smartphone, tablets, and laptops/desktops insure ease of use in all environments
  • Allows selection and control of multiple uTrack 24 units residing on the same local area network: Perfect for multi-unit installs




The uRemote-App will be available in March 2015.

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