It did not take long for Cymatic Audio’s players and recorders to win over audio specialists due to their audio quality and overall performance. Now, Cymatic Audio is offering, free of charge, firmware updates for three of its models to expand their functionalities. With the new firmware, the uTrack 24 supports now impressive features like “Instant Play” and “Autoplay,” besides the highly regarded “Pre-Recording” function. With the Instant Play function ? a first in this category ? songs can be pre-loaded in the memory, so they are ready to be played back anytime, which can prove very useful live. Autoplay plays pre-defined playlists automatically in loop as soon as the uTrack 24 is switched on. A function that can be very useful for museums, events and the restaurant industry, since the music is automatically played back without requiring the user to do anything. Another new playback feature is the enhancement of the Loop function, which now allows the user to use the corresponding Skip buttons directly on the unit during Loop playback to go to the next or previous marker, or – when there is no marker ? to the song’s beginning. An additional new option is the possibility to define the stereo output pair when using the 96/88.2 kHz mode, which makes cabling easier.

For the firmware updates of the LP-16 and LR-16, Cymatic Audio considered many suggestions and wishes from the user community. The LP-16 Live Player has been optimized, among other things, to improve the workflow under OS X. MIDI file playback was also reworked.

For its part, the new firmware of the Live Recorder LR-16 provides it with an almost completely new audio engine. The latter is based on one of its bigger sibling, the uTract24, and makes the LR-16 compatible with many more USB memory drives. Plus, it also improves substantially the use with very large memory drives.