Cymatic Audio: International Headquarters in the Netherlands

Dutch manufacturer Cymatic Audio remains on track with its successful expansion plans and has opened its new international headquarters in the Netherlands. The brand’s user-friendly multi-track recorders and players are highly valued worldwide due to their audio quality and flexibility.
“I’m really excited about our new headquarters, which open up many possibilities for us,“ states Cymatic Audio CEO, Arie van den Broek. “We want to be able to better introduce our existing products into the market and, at the same time, support better our international distributors.”

All marketing activities will be carried out from the new Dutch HQ. To that end, Cymatic Audio recently booked international specialist Conny Kensy, who will oversee the optimal presentation of the products and the marketing strategy of the company.
“Cymatic Audio is a young company with an innovative product portfolio,” asserts Conny. “Behind Cymatic Audio is a team of developers with lots of experience, whose philosophy is ‘Less is often more.'”

Ever more musicians who perform live are looking for backing systems that allow them to play onstage without the need to rely on a computer, which can crash anytime. Likewise, many bands, choirs and orchestras do not want to read through a pile of handbooks to do multi-track recordings. Many people long for a multi-track recorder that works by simply pressing Record.

“Cymatic Audio makes multi-track recording and playback much more reliable and easy than with any computer ? simply connect, make recording easy,“ states Conny Kensy.

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Press contact
bizkom – Agentur für Kommunikation
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Wonnenberger Hof 1
56317 Linkenbach

Tel: + 49 – 2684 – 85 19 747
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Headquarter contact
Conny Kensy

About Cymatic Audio
Cymatic Audio is an exciting new brand that creates task specific audio interfaces that eliminate many of the difficulties often found in hi tech products.  Our aim is to cut to the chase of the task at hand, to reduce learning curves and to offer professionals the tools they need to have guaranteed success in getting their job done.
Born from a team of seasoned industry veterans that understand the fact, that often times, less is more, Cymatic Audio creates products that aim to deliver unparalleled ease of use, excellent quality, forward thinking compatibility and connectivity…all at affordable prices.