uNode M42 +++ expected end of 2017 +++

Remote Controllable AUDIOLAN MIC Preamp 4 MIC / Line Inputs + 2 Line Outputs + MIDI


Use your uNode M42 to add microphones, line-level sources, and MIDI devices to your AES67 or Ravenna equipped audio mixing console or sound installation.

Natively supporting RAVENNA as well as the new AES67 standard, the uNode M42 lets you seamlessly connect into RAVENNA environments as well as any other AES67 compliant network like for instance DANTE, QLAN, AXIA LiveWire.

Equally at home with both live sound as well as install environments, the uNode M42 allows you to add audio and MIDI I/O in a space saving and modular fashion.

Mix and match multiple uNode M42 units as needed, at any physical locations in your stage or installation that needs one. Designed to work both free-standing on a stage floor or mounted securely in a rack, the uNode M42 offers versatility, in addition to its compact size and ease of use.

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High-quality analog front end for AES67 and Ravenna audio networks
One of the best advantages of networked audio is its flexibility and modularity. All too often however, adding I/O to the network has been cost-prohibitive, with even simple low-channel count devices approaching 4 figures in cost.

The uNode M42 changes all that, offering four remote-controllable mic/line inputs and two outputs, plus MIDI I/O, at an unprecedented price point. All while maintaining high-end sound quality, extreme ease-of use, and a well thought out feature set.

With its small size and low cost, you can physically place your uNode M42 at any physical stage location you need, using it as a “networked audio stage box”. 

Connects to network using standard RJ-45 network cabling
The uNode M42 connects to the network using standard, low-cost RJ-45 network cabling. Used heavily in the consumer, IT, and live sound marketplace, it is available at a wide variety of price points, lengths, and levels of durability.

Four separate remote-controllable microphone/line-level inputs
The uNode M42’s 4 mic/line level inputs are controllable from both the hardware’s front panel, as well as from the free remote control software available for Android, iOS, Windows, and OS X.
The inputs feature smooth gain adjustment with no audible clicks, allowing you to adjust gain during a performance with no compromise. In addition, phantom power for each input can be turned on or off.

2 balanced line level outputs
The uNode M42 also offers two balanced line level outputs. Use these to send any two audio channels on the network to destinations such as stage or in-ear monitors, control room speakers, auxiliary sends to outboard effects or recorders, and much more.

Local front panel controls
While adjusting parameters remotely is always useful, sometimes you just want to quickly grab a physical control. The uNode M42 features a rotary push encoder that can be used in conjunction with the front panel LEDs, to quickly make adjustments to input gain, phantom power on/off, and linking of inputs/ outputs.

Signal level indications for all inputs and outputs
The uNode M42 offers handy multi-colored LEDs on its front panel for every audio input and output, allowing you to check your signal levels at a glance.

Standard MIDI I/O with activity LEDs
Connect standard MIDI equipment to the uNode M42 and then transport your MIDI data anywhere on the network to another connected unit. Different MIDI devices can now communicate with each other even when separated by large distances.

Create a comprehensive system using MIDI enabled lighting controllers, MTC controlled playback equipment, MIDI sequencers and more.

All parameters remotely controllable
The parameters of the uNode M42 are remote controllable by our software, available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as Windows and     OS X laptop and desktop computers.

Built for wherever you want to use it
The uNode M42 was designed from the start for different types of physical environments. With the included soft-touch corner cheeks and rugged enclosure, use the uNode M42 as a networked audio stage box, with the confidence it will hold up on the road.

In a more permanent installed sound environment, the cheeks can be removed and the uNode M42 is now 1RU, half width module, allowing 2 units to fit in each space of a standard equipment rack.


  • High-quality analog front end for AES67 and Ravenna audio networks
  • 4 high-quality remote-controllable microphone inputs
  • Zero clicks when changing gains
  • Individual phantom power
  • Microphone (XLR) and line (jack) inputs
  • 2 balanced line outputs
  • Level indications for all audio I/Os
  • MIDI I/O with activity LEDs
  • Local controls for link, gain and 48V setup
  • All parameters remotely controllable (Android, iOS, Windows, OS X)
  • Rugged 19” 1U half-rack housing for live applications


AudioLAN is the combination of AES67/Ravenna audio network streaming and CopperLan MIDI/Command + Control streaming over standard network configurations using traditional Cat5 cable and routers/switchers. Up until now, existing audio network protocols have required expensive infrastructure with proprietary routers and switches as well as advanced skill sets to properly configure networks, making them often times volatile and difficult to use for end users as well as extremely expensive.

AudioLAN fixes all of these issues with self-finding (auto IP address creation) and self-healing (hot swappable cables) protocols and of the shelf hardware components, all delivered at affordable price levels.

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