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Hi team cymatic,
How are u?

I’ve seen this tread, and read it. But this happens to me also, so I did a couple of test to see if I could make the “noise” go away, unfortunately not, so I was wondering if u could help me do so?
(For making things more clear I’ve made photos, if interested?)

I made an audio channel in my daw, and put an spectrum analizer on it, measured the frequencies with the utrack24 off, and no power added in its connector. (I have a peak on 150hz to -90db coming from somewhere, but overall noise is below -100db)
Then I adapt power to the utrack24 and it power up and also straight away the noise is noticeable, and from around 300hz to 10Khz it over the -90db (louder than my own peaknoise-thing coming from some machine)

I tried different power supply’s, switching or not switching, even ferriet on the power and audio connections, but I can’t get this noise level lower.

I did ask a similar question a couple of years a go, and thought it was me or on of my machines that was causing this, but after bumping into this tread, and reading that this still is a actual issue, I’ve tracked down my signal path again. And cannot other than conclude that there is allot of noise coming out of my utrack24.

So if please, if One can help or guide me (and others I see) to make this machine lower on noise, that would be great and much appreciated.

Firmware : 4218