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Tomek GajewskiTomek Gajewski

Hi! Thank you very much for your interest in the topic. I will try to describe more precisely what I mean, let’s forget about any DAWs. Imagine there is a Recorder / Player (Yamaha Aw16 in my case). This recorder is a Master for a sequencer (Yamaha QY700 here). And now! It does not import a sparse midi file to the Recorder in order for the recorder to play the slave. Simply put, I hit Play on the AW16 and the Qy700 gets a “start” signal and plays back the MIDI events stored in the sequencer (the sequencer controls four sound modules, 32 tracks saved, each plays a different part). So in Master I turn on Play (all I do: set the tempo to that of the slave). As AW is not suitable for LIVE performances (long selection of more songs …), I want to use LP16, but …! After the usual combination of Lp and QY (Master-Slave), Lp does not make QY start (!). What I did? (you say that maybe the error is in the MIDI file itself? I do all the MIDI songs on QY 700, I don’t use DAW) Let’s say QY exported track 10 to LP, which usually has drums on it. And it’s OK! I’m playing a Song with track10 saved in the LP. Sequencer – The slave plays what it has to play! The problem is when I want the LP to trigger QY so that this Slave plays with more than one cloth, and that’s 10 cloths! Like I said, tripe 10 is playing correctly (MIdi events – sheet music, PC and more …) BUT! the rest of the trash does not play “his own”, but the event of trash10 (????). To sum up, let the LP16 – as a Player – play the recorded Audio tracks, and let the sequencer “play” everything MIDI, which will receive a signal to play (tempo, start, end etc …) from the Master: LP16. And here my head “shrinks” … I believe that YOU will find the answer!
I had a nice idea?