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Tomek Gajewski

Cymadmin, thank you so much. If you still have some time and … patience …? You say it won’t play like I want it because QY needs Midi Start / Stop and Timer. But as I wrote: track No. 10 recorded in LP, MIDI starts on time and plays what it needs. In general, all tracks start on time (but the clock timer is inactive). Let me remind you that the problem is that, for example: all the notes saved on channel 10 play as I wrote, but the rest of the tracks play the note values ​​from 10 (interesting: each track retains its PC, but the notes are shared with 10!). And also, the tracks are not all active “at once” (imagine a band, including drums, bass, guitar, synthesizer. They do not play here and now together creating a Score. They play each separately, when I point them, I activate them to play (as individual voices of the Score). I think the solution to the problem is … trivial. But what if I can’t deal with it. I just don’t want the LP to only control, for example, a drum machine from the position of the saved channel 10. Let the LP will be synchronized with an external sequencer (as Master) which will control everything else (synthesizers, samplers, sound modules, lights etc …) If not LP, what else for this setup? My Yamaha AW has it all, but .. In LP I create a play list and it plays it as I want In AW, first the cursor for the appropriate title, then commit, load to internal memory, confirm … It doesn’t work!
What do you think?