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Tomek Gajewski

Welcome, welcome
Once again, thank you very much for your answer and your time.
Sorry, but I’m not really following … “How was the MIDI file created?”: I only do this on the QY700. I do not use Ableton for this purpose (it is used to record audio that is triggered by sound modules. QY controls the modules). I have 32 cloths at my disposal – 16A and 16B. MIDI A and MIDI B are divided in half (3 Modules and a sampler). On these tracks I write MiDI messages (notes, tempo, PC modulation, PITCH Bend …). All this is a separate SONG (there are twenty songs). Created SONG, save to … floppy disk (!) As MIDI format 0, SONG SMF. I copy this data to MAC. The MIDI file with that song is now ready. In uTool I create a SONG from audio streams exported from Ableton – a multitrack session plus a midi track. Further on to LP16 – and … the midi does not “sound” properly. I just want the LP to initiate synchronized with the Audio START MIDI, but this MIDI has to be played via QY (there are all messages that will move the modules, samplers …). As I mentioned, this is the only thing I expected from any MASTER (it works with the AW16G or Ableton Live DAW recorder – in both I click “play”. They play recorded audio tracks (WAV) but everything that MIDI supports QY).
And now: I have uploaded MIDI files to LIVE, Audacity. I only see the lengths and pitches of the notes (but I’m sure I’m doing something wrong …?). I’m so proud that maybe each sequencer writes differently? From the outer Yamaha QY, the Lp will not play. With a DAW – whatever – will it play? but it makes no sense …! Damn, I guess that’s overwhelming for me ?! Importantly: the LP plays the MIDI file using e.g. BOSS DR202. Here, however, BOSS does not play alone (it has no MIDI data stored in it). Playing LP with BOSS. The LP “orders” Boss to play either way. So I have only one device connected to the LP. In my configuration (LP – QY: modules, samplers, synthesizers, lights … washing machines, dishwashers, and other refrigerators) the LP would play the recorded audio and drive a sequencer that would play other audio devices.
If you don’t have the strength for me anymore, I will shoot myself
Cordiality. Tomek
Or maybe I could send you a MIDI file made on QY700?