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Tomek, please answer the following questions:
1) What do you want LP to do? >>> A: Play MIDI notes from a midi file or >>>B: Send or receive MIDI start/stop & clock messages to play in sync with hardware ?

– If A: Can Ableton read and playback the midi file from QY correctly? if YES, please export the MIDI from Ablton as midi 1 file and import into LP. This will work. Again, LP does NOT alter midi data in any way. In short; What goes in via the MIDI-file, is sent out. No changes whatsoever. For that reason, if MIDI problems occurr they are with 99.9% certainty IN THE MIDIFILE

If B: As I wrote before; LP does NOT support MIDI start/stop messages . So that is NOT going to work.

you can gladly send your midifile to my colleagues at to verify, but I doubt that the problem is in there