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Jeroen Schlaman

I have been looking into several lighting solutions and ended up with QuickDMX.
DMXIS could work as you can MIDI learn each fader and make presets.
However I wanted to be more flexible in creating scenes and controlling them. QuickDMX is far more flexible, especially with different kinds of fixtures. You only need to create scenes and put them under a button. MIDI just pushes and releases these buttons. I now have about 150 buttons to control color, movement, dimmers, etc. all controlled by MIDI within each song.

I’m not familiar with Arkaos. Can it read LTC (Lineair Time Code)?

So yes, it’s possible to control software on a Mac, either by MIDI (you need a USB->MIDI device) or for video LTC (via a sound card).
I do this all the time and drive a full lighting show with it including special FX.