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Charles MonneraudCharles Monneraud

Hi Emil !

Sorry, I’m not here to answer your question, unfortunately… But to ask you one, if that’s ok !
I’ve been looking everywhere for this, but can’t find any information…

I can’t find out how to send MIDI information via the LP-16 when it’s in USB Interface Mode, from my DAW ( Ableton Live) to my Helix floorboard.

All the midi changes I make in Ableton are read by my Helix when it’s plugged via USB to my laptop, but I’d like to save the USB port and have the MIDI information to go through the LP-16 instead, via MIDI cable to my Helix.
I assume the Kemper works in a similar way to the Helix.

I can choose the LP-16 as the “Output” of my MIDI track in Ableton Live, but then it asks me which channel I want to use for output, but all the ones available are the 16 channels at the back ( the audio ones).

How did you route your output for the midi channels in Logic Pro ?
It’d be great to hear your process, if you don’t mind !

I hope you’re well and managed to get an answer to your original question !