Reply To: Footswitch with more possibilities

Chaz Winter

+1 for this

Perfect example: Let’s say that something goes wrong with the song, and you have to shut off the click mid-song because the band fell off the beat (of course, this never happens to YOUR band, because you are perfect in every way!)

Right now, you can only pause the song, but once the song is over, you cannot start the next one. Somebody has to walk over to the unit (which, in the case of my band, is not even on the stage) and manually start the next song – and based on reviews on other websites and bug reports on these forums, this might not even be possible without completely restarting the unit!

So our choices are: restart the unit in the middle of the set, finish the rest of the set with no backing tracks, or hope that Cymatic finds a way to make the footswitch input do more than one thing.

Should we hold our breath?