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Sean DoyleSean Doyle

This just happened to me last week, and I came here to post about it as a warning and I see it’s already mentioned.

I used uTool for the first time in a long time as my band is preparing to rehearse again, so I was compiling some tracks.
I was getting an error when exporting to my USB drive, and I could get no info when I googled the number. I narrowed it down to the file path of the temp export buffer being corrupt, so not having any better idea for a file path, I chose the root of my Mac OS drive.
When I tried to work with uTool again, my system hung, with no warnings. So when my patience ran out I forced my mac to reboot. I had my external drive and my USB stick I use for the cymatic both connected and when my mac finally restarted, BOTH DRIVES HAD BEEN ERASED. Luckily I had a spare backup for the usb stick, but not for the external. 500GB and years of data gone, without warning. Worse still, I realized that had I not forced my mac to reboot uTool would have ERASED MY MAC AS WELL! Thankfully I have a time capsule backup for my mac, so I lost nothing there.
I’ve just got a quote from a data recovery company for my external and it’s €800, so I’m thinking it over if I can afford to get it recovered (right now it’s no!)

TO CYMATIC: PLEASE update uTool to include warnings so that future users don’t suffer the same fate as myself and OP.

TO CYMATIC USERS: If Cymatic is unwilling or unable to correct this bug in uTool PLEASE BE CAREFUL when setting directory paths. AND BACK UP EVERYTHING!!!