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Cyber BOB

Hello, First I want to thanks Laszlo to give us an official feedback about the problem.

I’m like all of you, I can’t use anymore my uTrack-x32. Behringer refuse to fix the problem because it’s a problem with a thirst party product, and Cymatic has stopped the support, so will not fix their product. Where is the trust ? Is it a problem with behringer ou with Cymatic uTrack-x32 ?
I make many tests, change the firmware in my x32 again and again, change the expension card many time, to have a real answer to this question: where is the problem ? You will have the details of my test at the end of this message, but here is my conclusion:
Behringer is probably right, there is a problem in the Cymatic firmware.

I read on Behringer’s forum that maybe it’s a desync problem ? So I make more test, and sadly the conclusion is the same: changing the synchronization source doesn’t fix anything.

The sound level seams to be between 5 and 10dB more than the normal level when receieved by the X32 in the 4.03 (and following) firmware of x32.

I understand that Cymatic has discontinued this product 1.5 years before the bug appear, but many users continue to use their products today, but today this card is sadly unusable 🙁 I don’t know why Laszlo say that Cymatic has continue to maintain there product for 2 years, because the last update is only 2 month after the discontinuation date, it was 1.5 years ago. There are still many bug in the product, I already send an email about that to the support, but I know they will never be fix, and I accept that. But here the problem is different: it’s not an anoying problem, it’s a critical bug that turn the card totally unusable. I suppose Cymatic will agree with us: this kind of critical bug need to be fixed after the end of support period, they can’t say goodbye to there thunsand of users.

If I post this message today, it’s also because sadly there are no alternative. The respond from behringer is simple: buy the X-Live card, but the X-Live card is very different: it use SD-card, it’s not possible to connect an external hard drive, and worst: the SD-Card is limited to 32GB. SD-Card are very low quality/fiability data source, and very low capacity, it’s not a possible alternative for most of us. Sadly, today there are no expension card alternative to replace this great uTrack-x32. If tomorrow my uTrack is broken I will buy another uTrack-x32. I really regret that Cymatic stop producing their uTrack-x32 card, I don’t understand their decision, but I really hope they will not abandon all user that trust to this compagny: don’t forget your customers, proove your are a high quality compagny and fix your critical bug.

Has you can see in the previous messages from various users, yours users are very angry about the problem and the end of the support, I’m like them but more optimistic. Don’t risk a bad buzz that can be fatal for a modest company like your. All pro-users know that: The quality of a company is not mesured by their product quality, but by their after sales support, the real difference is here: proof us your after sales service is the best !

I want to thank you very much now Cymatic for the future exceptionnal firmware that you will publish is the following weeks/months to fix the bug 🙂


And to help your developpers to fix this critical bug, as promise here is all the test I made:

– All work great with the Cymatic uTrack-x32 (last firmware 5000) + X32 firmware 4.02 (no sound glitch)
– But since the update 4.03 of the x32 firmware, there is this saturation problem, the problem is the same for all following firmware version (4.04, 4.05 and 4.06).
– So I try to use the uTrack-x32 in USB mode, I play exactly the same file on the computer, sended to the x32 using the Cymatic ASIO driver, and the problem is the same: saturation bug
– So maybe it’s a problem with the x32 extension slot in playback mode ? I retry the same test, but using the USB extension card from behringer: no saturation bug, I test in firmware 4.02, 4.04 and 4.06, there is no saturation in any version, and the sound level is exactly the same for all firmware version.
– I also try to reduce the trimmer (the fake input pre-amp when using playback from external card), but it don’t solve the problem, the glitch are just at a lower level.

So Behringer is probably right, there is a problem in the Cymatic firmware, a sad news for us 🙁

And about the desync problem, here is my tests:
– I connect to my X32 a S16 box, then I configure the X32 to use the S16 48kHz clock: this doesn’t change anything
– uTool have a nice feature to test that the saturation: the mixer. I replay my multitrack record, but I put all the mixer fader to -6dB: and that fix the problem, no sound glitch, so it seams to really be a saturation problem.
– I also test with the “test” button in the Settings panel from uTool2: with the 4.02 firmware, all fader to 0dB, and preamp to 0, the vumeter on the x32 go to -6dB with firmware 4.02 (sound normal, no saturation), but the red clip is on with the firmwares 4.04/4.06 (and sound saturated).

But it’s not a real fix, it’s just a test, it need to have a computer connected to the uTrack-x32 card. And sadly, the mixer settings are not used when we export a multitrack projet, so it’s not possible to modify record when generating projects.