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Jeroen Schlaman

Hi Mikko,

I use a uTrack24 and never had any of the issues you have although I’m updating my tracks quite often.
Just a couple of checks:
– Did you format the USB drives using the uTrack itself?
– I presume you use the ‘Export Batch’ button because you have two uTracks?
– Do you place the source files in the ‘Project Library’ as set in the settings tab in uTool?

Exporting is not the fastest thing however if you update only one sing it should only take 1 minute max. Updating the whole USB drive (so all songs) will take a long time because during exporting it’s not only doing a simple copy. It’s also converting the WAVS to the sample rate and resolution as configured in uTool and it converts the WAVS to multi channel WAV files for performance reasons (I think).

I’m eager to help you further but maybe it’s easier to do via E-mail as the forums ‘new post’ notifications is not really working and find it easier to communicate with..

My E-mail is info (at)

As I’m a big metal fan I’m also really interested in what band this is you’re routing with 🙂