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Antto Tuomainen

Hello guys,

Did you find any solutions to Mikko’s problems?

I’ve used uTrack24 for 5 years now with no problems whatsoever, nut now I’m experiencing the same difficulties with uTool as Mikko.

All the data that I had was gone when I started the software, so I had to make every multitrack again. When I closed the software and reopened it, all was gone yet again.

Also when exporting the playlist to my thumb drive (procedure which has worked flawlesly until now) there was a lot of clicks and pops and snaps in the tracks and also some tracks where missing and some tracks were placed in random channels.

I installed the oldest version of uTool from the website and that fixed the problem of the software loosing files, but not the cracking and popping or the random track placements.

I’m using MacBook Pro mid 2014 with macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and as I said, I’ve had no issues with this setup until now when I started the software after a 8 month break.

If there’s not gonna be any software updates in the upcoming months, our band has to start looking for other options than Cymatic, because we’ll be totally screwed when the touring starts next year.