Reply To: Add Markers to Playback

Andrew GashAndrew Gash


I just bought a U-track 24 specifically for the ability to add markers and use them during playback.

Four suggestions:

First, would love to have a shortcut (I’m on a Mac) to add markers during playback in the Mixer view. So instead of having to click to add a marker, I could just press M (or something like that). It would make it much easier to add markers during playback.

Second, I would love to have the option (especially in URemote) to DISPLAY the Marker NUMBER and not just the timecode. When I’m marking my sheet music, it’s helpful to just write down Marker 1, Marker 2, 3, 4, etc, instead of writing down the timecode.

Third, unless I’m mistaken, I haven’t found a way of cueing up a song to a particular marker using the uTrack 24 hardware without first hitting the play button. I know I can cue up a marker using uRemote. But it would be nice to have this ability on the hardware itself: to not have to hit play and then quickly pause just to get to a marker.

Fourth: it would be wonderful to be able to navigate through markers by spinning the navigation wheel on the u24 hardware, whether in regular playback mode, or especially in Playlist mode. Moving between markers while in a playlist is extremely tedious (spin the wheel to start to move the playhead, then using the skip forward button to move to the marker you want, then press the wheel button). Moving between markers outside of playlist mode is easier because we can just use the skip forward or back buttons. Either way, giving us the option (perhaps in settings) to use the wheel to move between markers (instead of skimming the track) would be wonderful.

Thank you for listening and for passing these on to the developers!

-Andrew Gash