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Klaus Gstettner

Thank’s for the quick reply.

Since my dropbox is chronically over the limits I will upload the tracks to my FTP server, I will send you log/pass details ASAP.

I wonder though, if I unwillingly have created a loop end point while the machine was in stop mode so the loop was never actually started, is this possible or is setting start/end points exclusively possible while in play mode? I have to admit being in a bit of a hurry with the whole project, (like exporting the tracks 4:30am the opening day…) so I have not spend too much time with the manual…

BTW: whats the maximum output of the machine in dbV at 0dbFS? How much dbV is it expecting as input to be calibrated for 0dbVU sitting 12db below FS? I am using it without mixer and some sort of calibration would be great (specially since in the studio I am working also with two studer multitracks).

thank’s again