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Kenneth Spencer

Hello, Martin …

My guess is that your issue is somewhat different from mine, and I have an idea for you to try.
My latest Virtual Pipe Organ (see here: OPUS II uses several USB devices, not least, an Arduino Teensy for system control. The main computer is an Intel Skull Canyon (i7, 32GB RAM, 2TB m.2 SSD, Windows 10 etc etc). The relevance of all this is that the Teensy kept disconnecting over and over again, whilst the LP-16 disconnected only if its connections were disturbed. I think that your LP-16 is in issue with the USB 3.0 or 3.1 USB ports.
I obtained a 7-port USB 1.0 Powered Hub and tried that. And my Teensy has never disconnected since! So I’d say that you should try a USB Hub rated no later than USB2.0 and see how you get on. That would also explain why your LP-16 works with your old laptop.
You may well not have the bad connections that I have with my LP-16 – it may just be a USB issue – let me know what happens. (INcidentally, have you seen this: here.

FINALLY: IF ANYONE from Cymatic Audio reads these posts here is a message – “the principles and price of the LP-16 is brilliant for virtual pipe organs and other digital instruments -16 channels at the price is excellent, but we do need to get the connection stability sorted out!

Kenneth Spencer