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Martin Stephen

Thanks for that Kenneth. I will certainly look into everything you have suggested. My latest organ is a 5 manual with 14 USB devices in addition to the LP-16.

After another whole day of experimenting, I have finally had some success.
There is a software problem of sorts. In Windows I went to Advanced Power Settings and disabled the “USB selective suspend setting”. This helped.

However, if the USB cable on the LP-16 is even only slightly touched at the port on the computer or at the LP-16, the unit immediately disconnects and then my Windows loses it completely and I have to uninstall and reinstall.

As an experiment, I have hot-glued the USB plug to the back of the computer and cable tied it to stop any movement. I have also got the LP-16 sitting on top of the other end of the cable to stop any movement here.

So far today, this is working……………. Let’s see how it goes.

I have spent so many days on this problem. It is a brilliant unit. But the stability issues are a real problem!