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Hello Micro

Again, Sorry for my bad English, but I’m from Holland.
I don’t believe that your card is broken of have a problem, I have 4 of them and never have a broken one.
What also is in important is the firmware of the card, you must have the last version V3865

I don’t know your experience with the x32 and Cymatic card, so maybe I give you the wrong tips / information
But did you make the Sample Rate in your X32 right…?
Looks like you record with 44.1 Khz and want to play back in 48 Khz. Or vice versa
When you want to play back direct from the card on the x32 what happens then.
Your set up is like this , Menu Routing >> TAB Home >>inputs 1-8 select card 1-8, For the other channel make also the selection inputs 9-15 card 9- 15.

And what happen if you import the file the multi-track file in reaper end make separate tracks??.

Greetings peter visscher