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Hey Glenn,

First you need to set the same IP range for each of your AES67 devices.
Please connect your computer to the same network and start the MT Discovery tool in the tool you should able to see all of your AES67 gear on the network, some of them are maybe grayed out (if the IP address configuration is not correct) if you hover your mouse on the device name you should be able to see what is the IP address of the device. If you want to connect to the device you need to change the IP configuration of your computer. Let’s say all of your other gears on 192.168.1.xxx range and your AudioLan card is on 192.168.4.xxx
In this case you need to change your computer IP address to 192.168.4.xxx.
Once your computer and AudioLan card are on the same network range you should able to enable the DHCP on the AudioLan card menu, in this case your router will handle the DHCP assignment which is fine for the use-case what you originally wanted to do.
Now if all of your devices are on the same range (need to change back the computer to use DHCP as well) you’ll able to connect the devices.
Create connection from AudioLan to the console:
You need to have a USB drive connected to the uTrack24 the USB drive has to have at least one song which has the same sample rate like your Dante network. You need to make sure the Recording/Pre-Recording switched OFF, browse the song on the drive and make sure the uTrack24 displays the “pre-loading” message on the screen.
Once this is done you need to set up the connection by using Dante controller. Please take a look at the user manual 6.0, 6.4 points