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Ok, Always one to try and pay it forward – I think I have solved my problem.

What Have I achieved ?

1) I now have the UTRACK24 providing 16 playback channels, for click, vocal cues, keys , fx etc (channels 9 through 24 on the Utrack24) which are fed in to my Behringer X32 Rack via and X-Dante card. This will be used in the context of a live band setting.

What Have I Learned?

1) RTFM ….again and again and again. Most of what I needed was in the manuals provided. It just took me quite a while to process it and understand the networking principle.

2) Some of what i needed to know was not however – I think the AudioLan web page set up is a bit misleading in terms of DHCP or static IP set up – i messed around with that for a full day.

3) Watch the Audinate tutorials on line – again and again and again.

4) Setting my laptop to the same IP address as the Audiolan card – to set it up. Again I lost a few days figuring that one out.

5) Making note of the multicast address prefix in dante controller and then using it in Audiolan set up …..for a long time I had it set at 239.67.xxx ……it was actually 239.69.xxx….

I’m glad I’ve bottomed it as i was about to pull the trigger on some analogue cables and go back to spaghetti junction in the back of the rack,
but now I’ve got it working the back of the rack remains clean.

just have to figure out now how save it all as a dante controller preset 🙂