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Toby Craig

Hi Laszio,

Thanks very much for your fast response!

I’ve tried the steps you mentioned, but I’m still not having any luck. The Utrack now doesn’t complain about Clock Sync, but I still don’t get any signal out of the MADI inputs on my X32, which is strange, because it did work briefly before. I haven’t changed any settings on the X32 recently either.

Firmware up to date:4064

I set the X32 to internal clock and 44.1 to make it simpler for troubleshooting.

I have both Coaxial and Optical cables connected. For some reason I don’t get any Sync or signal with Optical, so I have to disable the redundancy check boxes in the x32. If they are enabled, I get no sync and no signal. I also get no signal when I select only Coaxial, which has worked now and then over the troubleshooting period, but only when the Utrack was set to internal clock. Now I only get clicks and pops (audio sync problems) when I select only the coaxial.

uTrack settings:
MADI Input Coaxial
56Channel- Mirrored in X32 settings.
Outputsources 1-16 are Utrack 1-16 respectively

I still get no input into the X32, although the Utrack plays and the signal lights flash. EXT. is also solid on the Utrack now, and not flashing.

Could it be that the MADI card is somehow defective?

X32 Input Channels are definitely set correctly. Inputs are set to (MADI) CARD 1-16.But I see nothing on the input meters.

Many thanks for your help!