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Hello Jorn

you want to change the sample rate in your console, do you ment the X32.
that can in Menu setup > tab Global – Sample rate is 48 or 44.1

In Cymatic U-tool you can set some options in Settings > field Audio settings choose Sample rate.

But the most important is de setting on the U-tool mixer page. When it is all single tracks you want to play back the settings must be stereo playback and not like multitrack playback !!! play whit this option and you here ratteling sound

When you make a Record from X32 ore a multitrack playback file from Utool to X32 it is important to respect the sample rate.

I always have my X32 on 48, when i want to playback a mp3 from the usb port and this is in 44.1 the x32 player even start. only playback when the desk is also 44.1

Sorry for my bad Englisch i’m from Holland.

Peter Visscher