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steve krafft

Any further updates on this? I had virtually the exact same problem last week. Major bummer to have our live recordings fail.

We have a dual X32 Rack setup to provide 8 stereo IEM feeds. Rack 1 has the Cymatic uTrack32, with 6 Aux inputs, 16 local mic inputs, and 16 remote mic inputs over AES50 from Rack 2. In our rehearsals, the recording was fine. At our next 2 gigs, 16 remote mic inputs (16 drums) recorded fine but we got severe crackling noise on 8 of the local mic input 1-8 (vocals SM58’s, guitar amp mics SM57’s). Interestingly, local inputs 9-16 did not fail (more drum mics, bass DI); these I routed to the uTrack32 card over Ultranet P16out[9:16]. It seems like re-routing the raw sampled inputs over P16 or AES makes it work reliably, where as the raw feeds alone can have the problem. Since the problematic local 1-8 go to the other Rack 2, I may try feeding the uTrack32 with the re-routed signals from Rack 2, over AES, assuming the issue is only with direct local mic pre inputs.

We used a Samsung T5 SSD 512GB drive.

This recording card is unusable for us unless we figure out the problem.

Similar issue reported on X32 forum, though this does not support the theory that direct local mic inputs are the problem, but possibly just some blocks of 8 have the issue.