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Fred Pellegrini

Thanks for looking into this. Answers:
1) We never select both recordings to import at the same time. We run 2 uTrack 24’s synced together, and we extract each show from both USB drives. So for example, each Show gets 2 USB drives, one for each unit. So for 2 shows, there are 4 files, 2 on each drive. The error generally only appears on one of the 2 drives for the Second show. The size difference displayed in the uTool (right side window when displaying what Playlists are available for import) may or may not be correct, experience has taught me to glance at the length of file displayed – not Data size. This is where the issue becomes visible. If we close and re-launch uTool, the Second show seems to have shown up properly with our experience. The issue only happens if we do not close and re-launch uTool.
2) No, it does not happen 100% of the time. I estimate it is only maybe 1 out 20 or so. Again, we record about 150 shows in 6 days at our biggest festival. We have 12 uTrack 24’s, 6 stages each get 2 synced uTrack 24’s so we have 6 – 48 channel ‘units’.
3) Due to the very large amount of data we process and archive for this festival we record at 16 bit/44.1 kHz. However, at another recent job I ran them at 24 bit 48 kHz and the error occurred once (out of 16 shows.)
4) Some shows were less than an hour but not much less, perhaps shortest was 45-50 minutes of recording time. I cannot answer this accurately though as I do not remember if the shows that had the issues were shorter than an hour. I can say 98%+ of the shows are an hour or slightly longer. The error that happened recently while recording at 24/48 was a 90 minute performance.

Again, this issue only happens when there is more than one ‘playlist’ on a drive and if uTool is not closed and re-launched before uncompressing. Since we have identified this issue, it is company procedure to close the uTool software after each import.
We are very happy with the functionality of these machines overall. I do have one unit that is having issues we would like to take for repair or analysis – is there a U.S. based company you would recommend for this?
Thank you for your time in looking into all of this. We appreciate it. http://www.MunckMusic.com is our website, and a large percentage of the recordings (since 2016) have been done with the uTrack 24’s.