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The uTrack-X32 records dry signal from your mixing console, to use the tracks for virtual soundcheck you’ll need to change the routing, then start the playback. You’ll have a similar signal on the inputs like the real instruments, so you can apply processing on each channels then you can create your downmix.

The uTrack-X32 can record from, and playback to, various channels in your mixing console:

-To select the audio channels that you plan to record, go to the console’s menu “Routing” / “Card Out”. For example, to record the X32/M32 console’s analog inputs, select “Expansion card outputs 1-8” to “local 1-8”, and so on.

-To configure the playback channels, go to the console’s menu “Routing” / “Home”. For example, to playback from USB harddisk to the mixing console’s local analog inputs, select “input 1-8” to “card 1-8”, and so on.