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Hi Terence,

The Cymatic Audio devices are not require any special drive.
The device communicate with the drive in USB2.0 interface which provide much more than enough speed to record 32 channels wav file.
7200 as well 5400rpm drives are works well with the Cymatic Audio recorders. You can get a 1TB Toshiba USB drive for 50$ and has enough performance does the job perfectly.
The users who wants to use RAID drives they have to make sure the RAID implementation done internally and on the USB bus the drive appear as a single standard drive, otherwise the drive will wont work with the Cymatic Audio devices as the traditional RAID drives are not compatible with Cymatic Audio devices.
Example for compatible RAID solution: https://www.glyphtech.com/product/studio-raid-mini

Much more important factor to format the USB drive with Cymatic Audio devices to have 64k allocation unit size on the drive, which will provide much better performance compared to the standard 4k cluster size