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The uTrack24 compatible only with MBR, so once you connect the drive with GPT it will ask you to reformat the drive.
The problem is the following:
Some 3-4 TB drives are using 512 bytes per sector those drives can be formatted only 2TB
Most of the drives which is bigger than 4TB are using 4096bytes per sector, those drives are limited to 16TB.
“the sector size was increased by the factor of eight, from 512 bytes to 4096 bytes, pushing the MBR address space up to 16 TB.”

Had I know that I would have saved a few bucks and when with a 2 TB drive (and probably saved myself a bunch of time while I was at it). Drives are pretty cheap nowadays, but the only reason I got the larger drive was based on the specs provided.

I’m sorry about that. To be honest we didn’t discovered this issue before. Since you have reported this issue we have made an investigation, and we have discovered that limitation with some USB drives because of the physical construction of the USB drive.