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Bob Barnes

Thanks for the response Laszlo,

That’s unfortunate that this feature is disabled. We use the uTrack24 to “play to track” and when rehearsing, we go through our set list (Play List), and often times decide to replay a song. It’s a bit inconvenient to have to walk over to the rack to mange this when I have a computer right in front of me with the ability to control the uTrack. Why not at least allow for skip forward and back when the device is idle (waiting to play the next tune)? Or allow the user to enable/disable?

This “feature” is not described in your manual (at least not that I could find). We were a bit baffled when we could not control the forward and back feature when we had controls to do so sitting right in front of us. We were convinced it had to be a bug. We tried the app on our phones, iPad and Mac all with the same result (now I know why). But at the time we invested a bunch of time trying to figure out why the uRemote appeared not to be fully functional.

I hope you’ll consider an update at some point in the future.

Thanks for you consideration,