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steve krafft


I loaded the new FW and this appeared to fix my problem, though since the symptom was intermittent, I’ll have to use it for a few sessions to be sure. I am not able to check the FW revision in the uRemote application, but the unit took a long time to boot when I put the FW in the root of the USB drive the first time, but subsequently boots quickly, so it behaves like it took the FW update. Thanks for your help!

One other question: I would like to use uRemote to play back the recording directly from my X32 setup. I can see the playback menu in uRemote , and it connects to my X32 Rack, but I cannot get it to play back the recordings. Is there a way I can do that? Otherwise, I have to convert the files to .wav with uTool and mix down with DAW software on my laptop.