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steve krafft


So that is not good news if the problem still exists. Is it intermittent, or does it always fail?
With the older FW, the failure was intermittent for me (worked for 2 rehearsals, failed for 2 gigs). It happened on the XLR ins, and impacted channels 1-8. The XLR ins coming from my second Rack over AES, or routed to the card over P16 did not fail. Could have been a coincidence, or possibly routing the signals through another path fixes it. If your problem is consistent, you might try rerouting your Auxins over P16 then to the card, to see if that helps.
It also seemed like it powers up in a good state and stays good, or in a bad state and stays bad; it never changed from bad to good or vice versa in the middle of a recording. If we could confirm that, then a possible workaround is to do a test recording after you boot up, to make sure there is no noise on any tracks. If there is, cycle power until it comes up in a good state with no noise.
Otherwise, this recording card is not usable, if it can randomly add this noise. My gear is in another state, so I can’t easily experiment.
I am hoping the Cymatic guys can try to reproduce this and come up with a fix soon.