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steve krafft


Re-routing via P16/Ultranet is done in the routing pages. For the selected Card Output 8-channel block (say, Card output 1-8), instead of selecting auxin1-6/T as source, select Ultranet 1-8 (or 9-16). Then in the Ultranet routing page, map Direct out Aux 1-8 to Ultranet 1-8 (or 9-16). The P16/Ultranet interface is very handy for repacking signals; for me, I only needed 4 Aux signals recorded, so P16 let me combine 4 Aux ins with 4 XLR ins to go to an 8-channel Card Output block.

So if this Auxin recording issue is a repeatable bug, then it’s good news I do not see it. That may indicate that my use of the P16 routing is a workaround, at least for those who don’t otherwise need the P16 interface.

i would be very interested to know if this reliably addresses the issue.