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Hi Laszlo,
They were connected for a better overview in the iPad app.
But I disconnected one player from the network and the problem still persist. Last two shows both player stopped displaying time (but playback continued) simultaneously at the beginning of the last track in the show.

But when I ran trough the whole show again, time continued. The next show time stopped again.

It didn’t unmount the drive though. Thank God…

They are both synced to WC. (as I wrote in my first post)

Pre rec is set to Off.

I located a spot on the pcb that’s mounted on top of the main board that when touched lightly with the finger cuts the power to the USB drive.
The cable that connects the front USB port to that pcb were resting on this very spot when I opened the player.
My theory is that, since this device isn’t ventilated at all, some type of condensation from hazers and co2 fog together with vibrations caused the cable to touch/trigger this spot that caused the player to unmount the drive.