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Hi Laszlo,

Yes it is strange indeed.

But is it likely that the time in the displays stops on both players at the exact same place because of a ribbon cable coming loose/being faulty? I think that the display would be blank or something if that ribbon cable were to fail.

I tried to gently wiggle that exact ribbon, trying to replicate the problem but without luck.

We’ve done 24 shows before this problem occurred. It started at show 25. (Though I’ve had problems with the front panel signal LEDs not showing any signal with the show still rolling at some shows)

We had the same playlist length show 1-18, then we added a track and changed som individual files. But no bigger changes than that.

Show 15-29 we been at a fixed location doing 4 shows in a row each weekend.

I didn’t powercycle the players in between gigs show 25-27 (or before that but remember that the time problem started at show 25), hence (maybe) time stopping at random places in the playlist. But after powercycling the players before the last two gigs the time stops at the exact same place.

This makes me believe that this is more likely a memory buffer related issue (preloading songs) or something.
That the length of our playlist, combined with the time the players sits idle during some parts of the show and the length of some multitrack songs causes the player to choke.

This playlist consist of 12 tracks with a total length of 1h 45min.
The longest track is 20 minutes and uses all 24 channels. It is in the beginning of the track after this (last track of the playlist) that the players stop displaying time.

But I really don’t know.

I do believe now that the second player un-mounting the disk is unrelated to the time display problem.

And that’s what makes me worry the most. Cause that’s a show stopper.

And it makes me nervous. We got 3 gigs left and a giant new years eve show…

Have you encountered anything like this before?