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1. To link two uTracks to run in sync, do I use the built-in network connection, or do I need the Audiolan expansion card?

The sync is done by using the network connector on the device. The AudioLan(AES67) card not needed.

2. I assume syncing a LP-16 with a uTrack isn’t possible? (The LP-16 would be better suitable as the main controller, rather than touchscreen iPad or the uTrack rack face in our environment.)

No unfortunately not possible to use LP-16 as remote controller.
There are two remote control option available: uRemote/Footswitch

3. Is there a limit how many touchscreen devices I can connect over uRemote to control the same uTrack from several locations?

You can connect maximum 2 uRemote in the same time. You can connect more if you have a computer running Copperlan Manager on the same network where your uTrack24’s connected.

4. Do I need a WiFi -box to wirelessly connect with uRemote

The uTrack24 supports wired connections natively. If you need wireless connection, you’ll need to connect the uTrack24 to a wireless router.

5. Can I edit playlists while playback running? Can I use the same remote device controlling the playback? uTool and uRemote on same device.

No you cannot edit playlist on the device or on the uRemote. But you can insert song or skip song in the playlist during playback.
You can run the uRemote and the uTool on the same computer, but the uTool is an offline tool it has no access to the device directly. If you make any change in uTool you’ll need to export the content to the USB drive.

6. Can I use the interface-feature of the devices as a backup, so in case something would fail on the device in playback mode, I could quickly connect (or even have it connected simultaneously) to a computer for playback from a sequencer using the uTrack as an interface only? How fast can it be swapped from mode to mode?

No, the USB interface mode gets disabled when any USB drive connected to the front panel.

7. Can I use a drum pad to start/stop instead of the footswitch? As a drummer, hitting a pad with a stick would feel better.

You can even use a motion sensor if you prefer. The footswitch option on the uTrack24 is an contact pin where you close the contact it will trigger the function.

8. What’s the best way to run the outputs from uTrack into a X32? MADI-card? Analog? Ethernet? I only use about 8 channels anyway.

If it is only 8 channels, maybe the analog the easiest.
You can use digital as well but that will require an expansion card on both side