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Slaan Slaan

I am the happy owner of a new X32 ( the big one ; 32 XRL In / 16 XLR out ) bought on Thomann this month ( dec 2018 ) with the Cymatik u-Track-X32 card.
I Experienced the same issues discussed here on this thread.
I Just recorded a live concert of 80 minutes with 16 track, and every tracks have this bad crack.

I recorded on 48Khz, with a 120Go Transcend SSD witch work perfectly ( no smart error, and freshly formated with the UTrack button. Read/Write up to 120Mo/sec on usb3 on my Asus ROG Laptop )

The record use many different microphones with or without 48V phantom alim.

You can ear a sample here :
And see the waveform of the full records on protools 12 here :

I experienced the same issue with a direct USB record on protools, with the last driver downloaded last week on your web site. With 48Khz.
I have to reboot the X322 one or two time to get a record without crack. But I’m not reassured, the recording doesn’t seem very clean, even if it doesn’t crack.

The Firmware of the X32 is 3.08.
Don’t know how to see the UTrack firmware.

Did you know how to resolve this issue ?

If you need some additionals informations, tell me !