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Did this issue ever get resolved?

We are also having this issue of a click/pop when playback is triggered.

It is highly unprofessional to have this terrible noise come through the PA when playback is triggered.

This issue has appeared totally out of the blue for us.

We have a Fatar piano sustain pedal which is used for triggering play.

The click/pop doesn’t happen every time. We have been troubleshooting this on the last 5 shows, every time we try something new, the problem doesn’t surface in soundchecks/line checks, but as as soon as it is show time, the click/pop happens again.

From one show to the next, the click/pop doesn’t happen on the same songs, it is different every show.

We have tried different DIs, DB25 looms, having the router plugged in or not.
We have 2 x UTrack 24 and have tried each unit independently and the same problem occurs.

We are about to update to 4218 from 4064.
We have been using 4064 without this problem for a long time, and randomly now this problem has started occurring.

Is this problem caused by triggering using the foot pedal?

I would appreciate a super fast response as we are on the road with these units and have back to back shows for the next few months.

Kind regards,