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Hi Laszlo,

Thanks for your reply.

Pre-recording is switched to off for sure.
All of our audio files are 44.1k 16bit.

We have tried running the show with and without footswitch so I agree that this couldn’t be causing the issue.

We are using the device in playlist mode – surely this wouldn’t have any influence over the loud pop when playback is triggered?

Updating to 4218 made no difference.

To add from my last post, this problem has now surfaced during soundchecks as well as shows and we have checked multitrack recordings of some of the shows and have discovered this pop noise to happen across all of the outputs.

We have tried running at 110V as well as 220V.
Running from standard stage backline power as well as via UPS.
Also tried via a Humex.
Have used with 2 different Utrack PSUs.

We are part way through a worldwide tour campaign, currently in Toronto, and this problem might force us to move our artists away from Cymatic as we are quickly losing faith in the product.

Are there any other suggestions to help with this problem?