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Hi Daniel,

-The drumer must send Start-Stop orders with an external pad (Roland PD8-V preferibily) or footwitch.

You can trigger the playback with footswitch

-Playing songs one after another without any pause between them.

Gapless playback does not supported on LP-16, this feature available on uTrack24

-Keeping a song into loop-mode until press a “next button” (via pexternal pad or footwitch) to start the next song inmediately. We use this for parts between songs in the show.

Unfortunately this feature is not available on our current devices.

Is it possible to mix a multitrack song in the LP16? I mean, we have a song with multiple backing tracks, and we need to change the mix between backing tracks in the rehearsal, can we do it in the LP16? or must we do it at home with a PC and utrack soft? Is it possible to send a multitrack song in a single Stereo Output? (I want to avoid to bounce an stereo mix of all backing tracks of one song each time we decided to put higher or lower a single sound of a synth).

On LP-16 you cannot change the mixer level. This feature available on uTrack24.
There’s no option to change routing or use some output as stereo out. The mix down is send to the headphones output.